My vision of leadership


Leadership Concept

The thousands people explaining can get the thousands definition of leadership. People interest about this topic has many hundreds of years, from the early Greek to now (Bolden, 2004). Sharma and Jain (2013) expounded that leadership is a process which one person guide a group of people to complete a target, and this process will made the people becoming more cohesive and coherent. Winston and Patterson (2006) also provided the similar definition about leadership. They supported that the leader is one person who can influences his/her followers to get achievement, and in this process, the followers should willingly and enthusiastically. However, in my opinion, the leadership means responsibility, and the responsibility of leaders is not only considering the benefit for organizations, leaders also will consider the interest for their followers. In addition, the responsibility will give a motive power for leaders which made them to finish the achievements. Moreover, the responsibility also will make the leaders to keep the clear head for making the right decision for organizations. Certainly, the leadership is a long process start from building team, but not stop when they complete the targets. Then, leadership is an importantly and comprehensive skill for the successful personages.

steve-jobs-success GTY_steve_jobs_ipod_nt_131004_16x9_992

A great leader is not only be worshiped by the followers, other people also will praise him/her, when they take about the leader. Then, the first name appear in my brain, when someone ask me who is the most effective leadership, is Steve Jobs. There are three reason for I choose Jobs. First of all, he was a very successful business man. In 1976, he and his partner, Steve Wozniak, founded the Apple Computers, Inc. Although Apple was sinked into the bankruptcy in 1996, Jobs rescued Apple using new operating system (Richardson & Terrell, 2008).  Furthermore, Jobs bring the new miraculous achievement for Apple. Secondly, Jobs also was a technological reformer. He changed the impression of mobile phone, before the iPhone, people only know the mobile phone can calling and sending messages. But iPhone gives a new definition of mobile phone, it can become a game player, mini-PC, documents manager and so on. The final one, Jobs also was an inspirational person. We all know he did not finish his university courses, as some other successful personage, he used his experience to prove again that the graduation certificate is nothing, the most important things for be successful is having an innovational idea and realizing it.

dried-fish24379 Boiled_Sea_Cucumber%2FDried_Sea_Cucumber

The feedback from my colleagues toll me that I have two strengths for develop in food retail industry. The specific area of food retail industry for I development is seafood retail. This seafood is not the fresh one, it is the products after processed. The first strength is family superiority. My parents have their business which is the selling the seafood after process. The benefit of dried seafood is that it has the longer storage life than fresh one. Then, the processed seafood can be selling to the inland areas. Although my parents’ business only is a local and personal business, they have more than 20 years for working in this area. Then, they have a lot of experience for the processed seafood industry, in addition, these experience will helpful for my development. Another strength is I already have a part of skills for be a good leader. I can make a good job distribute for group work and supervise the team members to finish their work. Although my communication skills are a little weak, I can bovine to listen to group members.



The first skill which I need to improve is communication skill, using communication we can get a large number of useful information from other person. In addition, a good communication can helpful to build the relationship with others. Thus, the successful leaders usually have the great communication skill to spread their opinion and get the views from other. Secondly, my management skill also need be improved. For a good leaders, their need know how to manage their followers to work together. The mainly impacting of management is making the group members can work for one common target. Another significance of management is reasonable work allocation. I have not an acute analysis ability for market potential. The analyzing of market potential will help the leaders to make a right decision for the development plan. For this part, I should read more news about economy, the timely new information is very important for business. The organization leaders will find the useful information to making business plan.


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10 thoughts on “My vision of leadership

  1. You show a good understanding of leadership and I personally think that you should talk more and be more initiative in class that will really help you a lot in being a good leader.


    • Thank you for comment at first. I also want to talking more in the class, but sometime I am really with no idea for the question. I will try to be more active in class.


  2. Really good consideration about the responsibility for the leaders. I find you have mentioned about the food retail industry and link with the leadership ethics. I really agree with the food retail industry should more consider about the ethics. For the last part which I think is about how to improve yourself, the communication skill is really one of the most important part for the leaders with no doubt. Hope you can do better with it and good luck.


  3. I like the phrase “leadership means responsibility”. But I think by benefiting the organization and his employees, the leader is at the same time benefiting himself. A leader who was loved and adored by his followers and employees will inevitably lead an effective work group, which will bring more outcomes. If I am right to say this, a leader will always get a bigger share of the profits than the rest, so if a group can be more efficient due to good leadership, then the leader himself will certainly benefit more from his own leadership than others.


    • I agree with you, a good leader will bring the benefit to both of employees and himself. There is more companies to choose to share the stock rights to its employees, make the employees become the shareholder will give them more motive power to working hard.


    • We can called this is a culture weakness, but we also see there some Chinese students also can taking a lot of with others with English. Then, I think we should improve ourselves to overcome this weakness.


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